4 Things You May Not Know About Blogging

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June 19, 2019

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In all my years doing branding for wedding businesses I have learned a LOT about blogging. I have learned how essential blogging is to my business in so many different ways. This information led me to create my Blog Like a Boss SEO Course video which you can find here. In the course I list eight steps you must be taking for every blog post, but I wanted to share four things you may not know about blogging.

  1. Your most popular posts will be business/tips related. Say what? It’s true. Your most popular blog posts will not be ones of your work, but of posts that share information on how to improve other people’s lives and businesses. People are not googling looking for your work. People are googling to ask questions. Just think about your own Google searches. What do you Google? Most likely “how to” questions or “why” questions. If you can answer people’s “how to” and “why” queries in Google then Google will find your post and display it in their search results. My most popular blog post ever is titled “How to Identity Your Competitive Advantage and Why You Need One.”
  2. Using the SEO plugin YOAST will drastically help your SEO. If you are asking yourself what’s yoast then you need to get my blog course! Yoast is a powerful SEO tool that simply allows you to customize how your post title, description, and keyword/phrase displays in Google. It allows you to have a separate post title from the one your users read on your blog. This is SO important because you can provide a much more detailed post title and description in Yoast to display in Google results. I go over this a lot in my course.
  3. Keywords and phrases need to be repeated in EVERY post. Your keywords and phrases are essential to your business. You need a consistent phrase to use in every single blog post. Why? Because the more often you use that phrase will writing posts, the more likely you will be found in a Google search where someone is searching those words. For example, I try to use “branding for wedding businesses” in EVERY post or at least some format of it. If someone is typing that phrase into Google and I have used that phrase in tons of posts Google will notice that and boost me up in the search results.
  4. You can create hidden images for Pinterest in your posts. This is a fun trick to do. You want to be pinning all of your posts to Pinterest. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine just like Google, but instead of displaying results in text formats, Pinterest displays images or pins. You need to have a Pinterest friendly image to display your post title so people know what your pin is about. For example, try pinning this post you are reading to Pinterest and see what image options come up for the pin. You’ll see an image option that is not directly in this post. MAGIC! This is something that will be in my Pinterest course which you can get on the wait list for here.

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