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You're staring at a blank screen in Wordpress watching the cursor blink waiting for an idea to come or you're wondering what is that point of this?  To a lot of people the idea of blogging is painful.

We' ve all been here...

If you follow through the steps of this course for every blog post you will see a definite boost in your traffic.

What if I told you the secret to successful blogging and SEO is in 8 consistent steps?


total number of users who viewed one of my blog posts in a year


number of users who viewed that post in one month


number of users who viewed that post every day for one whole year

Do you want these kind of rankings like I have?

This 45 minute video course will teach you the simple steps you need to be taking when writing every post including:

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That sounds amazing!!!

- how to use the YOAST plugin
- what keywords are and how to use them
- creating internal links
- naming your images and using Blogstomp
- using alt text
- boosting your SEO

Also included are two PDFs:
- one of the presentation itself
- an 8 step summary

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kelsey renee photography

Wow, I've been in business for about 8 years and NEVER heard of the blogging things that you taught in your video!!I had to keep pausing it so I could write down notes as I went! It actually makes me feel like I know what I'm doing! haha! Seriously - mind blown. I know I'm going to keep referencing that video for each blog post until I have it worked into my workflow better!!! 

deanna leigh photography

Wow I can't rave enough about this blog course! Finally I have an SEO green light! BEST decision I've made for my business. You break it down and actually make me WANT to blog. I never thought I would say fun and blog in the same sentence.

joy michelle photography

Blog like a boss helped to demystify exactly HOW to get my blog posts to start ranking in Google and understand those tricky analytics. Katie breaks it down in a way that feels really doable even for the least tech-friendly viewer. I feel confidant that I can now begin to implement what I learned to grow my blog reach and book more clients. This is a must for bloggers!

niki marie photography

I really enjoyed the course! I am someone who is not very good when it comes to SEO, Google Analytics, etc., and I found it super easy to follow and understand. I actually set up Google Analytics as soon as I watched your course! I know I should’ve done this a LONG time ago, but I was always intimidated by it, and you made it SO so simple. So, thank you! 

elizabeth moore photography

I loved everything about Katie’s course! I’m not good at blogging and it can be really confusing! Katie’s course was so eye opening and I highly recommend it to everyone who is blogging!

all grand events

Katie’s blogging session was incredibly useful. Learning from someone who knows what Google is looking for and how to incorporate that into your business marketing strategy is invaluable. All of her tips and tricks are simple, and easy to execute, but make a huge impact in your internet presence translating into more client inquiries.

real life

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Who is this course for?

This course is for any businesses who blog and want to learn how to make the most out of each blog post and drive more traffic to their site. You must have a Wordpress blog to follow the steps in this course.

If you are tired of blogging without a purpose and feeling like it doesn't get you anywhere then this course is for you!

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