I'm Katie Durski, the graphic designer and boss lady behind this artisan branding studio for creatives and couples. I have always been an artist. Whether painting, playing piano, filming a wedding, writing a story, or designing on a computer, I love to create art. I especially love using my art to help people create new beginnings. Anything I can do to help better someone’s life is worth doing. My business background and love for design led me to launch Ribbon & Ink. I actually went to school for marketing, but my heart always had a love for video production, specifically motion graphics. Upon graduating from college I went to graduate school and earned my Master’s in Video-Based Production which led to a few motion graphics jobs. Motion graphics is really just animated graphic design. Every project I worked on in the corporate world started as a static Photoshop mockup. Along my journey I had a few friends needing new logos and websites for their photography businesses and I decided to take a stab at it. I instantly fell in love with it! Eventually my niche became artisan branding for women in the wedding industry and my business has grown ever since. My mission is twofold. I empower creative business owners to reach for their dreams by creating innovative brands that inspire confidence. I also help engaged couples bring their wedding vision to life in the form of personalized wedding branding and print products.


Photos by Elizabeth Fogarty Photography

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