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I'm not just a designer, I'm a business school graduate. 

I own this boutique artisan branding studio in the Washington D.C. suburbs serving both creative small businesses and engaged couples. My mission is twofold: to empower creative business owners to reach for their dreams by creating innovative brands that inspire confidence and to help engaged couples bring their wedding vision to life in the form of personalized wedding branding and print products. I specialize in working with women wedding photographers and planners, but am not limited to them. Thanks for stopping by!

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full branding

for creatives

Brand coaching session
Brand board
Website with blog
Stylized branding images
 Stationery suite
Social media images & templates
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wedding branding

for couples

Custom wedding logos
Wedding brand boards
Invitation design
Day-of stationery
Distribution of logo files to client
Letterpress, UV, and digital printing
Cohesive wedding aesthetic

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Showit Website Templates
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the aurora

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Showit Website Template

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elizabeth fogarty photography

This is the one investment you will never regret. This day and age we have such a saturated market that if we do not stand out, we will lose clients. And not only standing out, but attracting the right client. I knew Katie was going the right direction when I saw my mood board. 

heather chipps photography

When I stumbled upon Katie's website, I didn't care about the price, because I could tell through her website that everything she could do for me, was going to be exactly what I wanted. Sure enough, I was right. Katie made the whole experience so wonderful from start to finish. She literally does EVERYTHING. She is worth every penny. 

joy michelle photography

If your current brand is not attracting your dream clients, it's time to invest in a rebrand! I think it's tempting to do just a logo or mood board for your business, but a brand is so much more than a logo that it's a disservice to reduce it to just that. By fully rebranding, I have invested in my business and I know it will last me 10x longer than just a logo ever could.

elizabeth moore photography

If I had any regrets with my business it would be that I didn't re-brand soon enough. YES it's a huge financial commitment and investment, but it's 110% worth every penny I invested. Oh and getting emails from Katie everyday is pretty equivalent to a kid on Christmas morning! Watching your vision come to life is the best part of it all.

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