How to Choose Keywords

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April 16, 2019

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What are keywords or phrases? If you are a small business owner this is something you need to know about to boost your SEO and drive traffic to your site. My main focus is branding for wedding businesses and with each of those clients I am teaching them about what their business keywords should be.

What are keywords?

Simply put, keywords are whatever your potential clients are searching into Google to find you. For example, my clients most likely are typing something like “branding for wedding businesses.” Think of your business and what your potential clients will type into Google. If you are service based then location may be very important. For example if you’re a wedding photographer, what location are your clients searching? If you are in the DC area then maybe brides are typing “Washington DC wedding photographer” or “DC Metro Area wedding photographer.” Location can be key! Check out my FREE How and What to Blog with WordPress video here for help.


Why do I need them?

You need to be inserting your keywords into your website and every blog post. If you don’t how can your clients find you via an internet search? Google searches for the words your clients are typing all across the internet and if you don’t have those words in your content then Google can’t connect you to your clients.

Where do I put them?

You should be putting your keywords / phrases in the SEO title of EVERY page on your site as well as including it in the body of every blog post. Blogs are going to be your biggest website traffic driver so make sure to use your keywords in each post. There are other places to put keywords, like in meta data, and I talk ALL about this in my Blog Like a Boss Course. It’s a 45 minute in depth video course all about SEO, blogging, and keywords.


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