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April 9, 2019

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I am thrilled to have launched my Blog Like a Boss WordPress SEO video course for creatives yesterday. It is super exciting to be able to share lots of tips about blogging and SEO that I have learned over the years. I wanted to give you a little rundown on what the course is and who it’s for.

What is this course?

I’ve been blogging a while now and have learned lots of tips and tricks to do when writing every post and I have assembled all my tips into 8 steps to do for every post. This video goes over every step in detail with screen shares and making walking you through everything. It is super easy to follow. We go over the following in the course:


Who is this course for?

If you are a small creative business owner using WordPress writing text, inserting some images, and calling it a day then THIS IS FOR YOU. There are so many simple steps you can be making for each post that will drastically improve your website traffic and SEO rank. Quality over quantity of blog posts is MUCH more important. It takes me 30-45 minutes to fully create a blog post, but the results are so worth it! I have some posts that are visited hundreds of times each month. That’s amazing for posts that are old!


What people are saying

“Katie’s blogging session was incredibly useful. There are so many different things you can do in your blogs and with your Pinterest account that can greatly increase your SEO and get your brand out there. Learning from someone who knows what Google is looking for and how to incorporate that into your business marketing strategy is invaluable.  All of her tips and tricks are simple, and easy to execute, but make a huge impact in your internet presence translating into more client inquiries.” – All Grand Events

“I really enjoyed the course! I am someone who is not very good when it comes to SEO, Google Analytics, etc., and I found it super easy to follow and understand. I actually set up Google Analytics as soon as I watched your course! I know I should’ve done this a LONG time ago, but I was always intimidated by it, and you made it SO so simple. So, thank you!” – Niki Marie Photo

“I loved everything about Katie’s course! I’m not good at blogging and it can be really confusing! Katie’s course was so eye opening and I highly recommend it to everyone who is blogging!” – Elizabeth Moore Photography

Convinced this course is for you yet?! If so use coupon code “blogboss” for 30% off! That’s more than $50 off!

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