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December 17, 2018

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This post is something that’s been weighing on my heart lately. I feel like a lot of mompreneurs are in the same boat, but there’s an ugly topic we don’t talk about: jealousy. Say whaaaat? Jealous!? What do I have to be jealous of?! I have healthy, beautiful kids and an awesome business right!? RIGHT?!

Well, yes.

BUT…Jealousy is a real beast friends and it appears often in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MY FAMILY AND KIDS. I would do ANYTHING for them and I don’t regret anything about my life, but sometimes when I see pictures of fellow entrepreneurs out at a Christmas party at 10pm I think…”man…I wish I could do that.” Or I think “just wait until you have kids” if I’m in a spiteful mood. Being a mompreneur is HARD. Running a business, taking care of kids, and trying my best to be a good wife is in no way easy, but totally worth it. Making comparisons in life to other people is hard not to do regardless of what stage they are in life because at that moment I’m wanting what they have.

But then I hear a divine whisper in my head that says things like this that get me through my jealousy and bring my joy:

“But Katie…they ARE in a different stage of life. You HAD that stage and have passed it. You’ve moved on to a NEW stage that is equally as wonderful as the last one without kids.”

“You get to wake up to someone calling “Mom!” or babbling coming through the baby monitor alerting you Anna is awake and ready to play.”

“You get to see things for the first time through your kids’ eyes and it’s way more fun than when you saw things.”

“You get to have little you’s running to you with the biggest smile on their faces as you pick them up from daycare or school yelling ‘MAMA!'”

“You get to watch your little ones grow bigger, stronger, smarter, and learn how to be the best they can knowing you are their entire world.”

“So yes while you may not be able to stay out for New Year’s Eve or even go see a late movie most nights you can rest assured you have it all. God has richly blessed you with AMAZING things. “

Are you tearing up yet?!? I am! If you are a Mom you probably are too. Kids are the best thing ever. I had my late nights out before and yea I miss freedom sometimes, but I’d rather have my kids. So rest assured mama…you are not alone. It’s okay to miss that stage of life where you could simply walk out the door whenever you want, go to an 8 o’clock movie without arranging a babysitter, and do whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. It’s okay, but I wouldn’t trade this stage for anything else. Also, if you need a laugh watch this Michael McIntyre video about people without kids. I die every time.


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