Why Your Work Won’t Sell Itself

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November 28, 2018

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Have you ever felt stressed out because you have AMAZING work and cannot figure out WHY no one is hiring you? Having great work is half the battle when booking clients. Okay Katie, so what’s the other half?

How can you possibly expect someone to hire you if your website looks like it’s from 1995? Or maybe it looks like you built it yourself in ten minutes even though you spent HOURS on that baby! Or maybe you use one logo on Facebook and another on your site and people are confused about who you are and don’t hire you.

You need a beautiful, strong brand to serve as a platform for your beautiful, strong work. Believe it or not people immediately judge someone upon meeting them based on how they dress and look. Don’t tell me you don’t do that! It’s in our nature. People do the same thing when coming to your website. They will immediately judge it based on how it looks. You might have gorgeous work, but if it’s showcased on an unattractive website they will click away most likely.

Why is this important?

Because branding is everything! If you want to book solid, ideal clients you need a quality brand that matches the quality of your work. This most likely involves hiring someone to help you create a cohesive, visual brand that your ideal client can identity with and you can be proud of. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across beautiful work but have been SO turned off by the business’ brand that I immediately say no. Don’t get stuck in that boat friend!

Are you nodding along saying “YES! YES THIS IS ME!”

Well good! At least you have acknowledged the issue and can work towards a better brand! There are several options to building a better brand but here are three strategies:

  1. Hire a designer for an overhaul – And not just any designer. Hire someone who understands that importance of defining who specifically your ideal client is.
  2. Hire a designer for a brand identity and purchase a Showit template. – There are tons of designers who will create a brand without a website for you. The brand board is your starting point. If you purchase a Showit website template created by a pro then you can update it with your colors, info, fonts, etc. This is a good alternative for someone who can’t do the big overhaul yet. (Note: I have one of a kind Showit websites in my shop!)
  3. Buy a premade brand and Showit template РRunning low on funds? Get a premade brand either from me or on Etsy or Creative Market. Then purchase a Showit template. Just make sure you are being consistent with your colors, logos, graphics, fonts, and patterns. Branding is about being consistent!

Ready for the overhaul? Contact me!

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