You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything.

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March 30, 2018

Never were there truer words spoken my friends. Don’t you just hate those people who are good at EVERYTHING!? I mean seriously. Those people. The nerve! There are very few people who are good at everything they do, but the rest of us pretty much have certain things we’re good at and we know what we are NOT good at.

This sentiment is so important for a creative small business owner. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. All of my full branding wedding vendor clients KNOW that creating a brand is NOT something they are good at. They have just accepted that they are good at their trade and I am good at mine.

I think, as small business owners, we often try to take on the world and say “I can do ANYTHING! Let me at it! I don’t need anyone’s help” when the truth is we most definitely need help. Period.

I’m definitely a believer in you can do anything, but not everything. And those that think they can do everything…WHY!?! Why would you want to!? I’m guessing nine times out of ten this is the answer: money.

Have any of these thoughts every crossed your mind?

  • I’ll just make my own logo. I have Photoshop. I can YouTube it. No biggie.
  • I don’t need a website. I can just have referrals. Yea..that’ll work.
  • I’ll trade my service for someone else’s who is just starting off. It’s okay if they’re new…everyone starts somewhere right? Right?!
  • I don’t need a custom website. I’ll get a template and do it myself. It can’t be that hard right? It says user friendly…

Oh friends. I have heard these so many times from my own clients who eventually caved to doing everything and decided they couldn’t do everything and hired me. If only they could have just realized that from the start, then maybe they wouldn’t have spent so much time and money (more time probably honestly because let’s be real they were trying to save money) trying to do everything themselves.

I get that things (like hiring me and other designers) costs money, but isn’t it worth it? Isn’t it worth knowing you DON’T have to do everything yourself and, not only that, that your brand will be done beautifully and professionally and further enhance your brand getting you more ideal clients and work? Isn’t that the end goal. If it takes more money / time / etc. to get there then so be it. In the wise words of Larry the Cable guy: “Get er done”.

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