Brand Coaching Session with Portland Oregon Florist Heirbloom Design

March 29, 2018

I am super excited to be working with Portland, Oregon wedding floral designer Heirbloom Design. Originally, Kathryn’s business name was Heirbloom Floral, but after having our brand coaching session we decided that Heirbloom Design is a much better name for her business based on her services of florals, design, and planning. As with any of my full branding wedding business clients I had a lengthy video phone call coaching session and we discussed lots of topics including her ideal client and niche, pricing, collections, and much more! These sessions are super fun as I get to REALLY know my clients and its often a self discovery process for them as well.

Before I start these sessions I have my clients fill out my initial brand questionnaire so I can see where they are at in terms of knowing what their niche is, what their goals are, who their competitors are, and who they want to market to. Knowing the answers to these things makes creating a visual brand TEN TIMES EASIER. I always tell my clients that there are tons of talented graphic designers out there, but if they aren’t designing with a very specific end client in mind, their designs are pointless. Who cares if something is pretty if it’s not attracting the right client? Am I right?! This is where my business degree comes in handy and I can thank my parents for that. Ha!

Based on Kathryn’s initial brand questionnaire I created this descriptive ideal client mockup for her:

Branding / Web design / website / photographer website / custom website / website ideas/ website inspiration / Brand board / brand design / custom logo / photographer brand / photographer logo / color palette / logo design / rebrand / branding for wedding businesses / branding for wedding photographers / branding for wedding planners

I always try to include the color palette I am thinking of using and after creating her mood board we ended up nixing the mauve and adding some more grey. Sometimes the ideal client mockups and mood boards are good at figuring out what clients DON’T want.

I followed up with Kathryn to get her thoughts on the brand session and her is what she said:

What did you love most about your brand coaching session?

The brand coaching session addressed every item I had questions or concerns about. It gave me a sense of relief knowing I am taking big steps in the right direction. I loved how Katie created my ‘ideal client’ using detailed descriptions and visuals. I also loved all her tips/advise on pricing and the break down of my services. I left feeling excited and inspired!


Did you feel like we established your ideal client and niche? Why is that important to you?

Yes, definitely! I always had an idea of who my ideal client was, but seeing a detailed description and visual took it to another level of understanding. Working with the right bride/client will ultimately give me the tools and means to grow my business.


Photo: Esther Louise Photography


What were things you learned about yourself/business during the session?

One thing I learned was I like my current name! I was really struggling with the idea of changing it completely, but needed an outside perspective. Katie suggested a slight change and it brought new life to my business name! I also realized as I invest in myself and my business I need to have that reflect in my brand and work. Raising prices, cleaning up my services will allow me to take my business to where I want it to be in the next 5 years!


How did you feel after the brand coaching session?

Great! I felt more organized in my mind and motivated to dive into this branding adventure!


Follow Kathryn’s work on instagram @heirbloom.floral

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