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May 30, 2017

It is t-minus days until the arrival of Baby Durski #2, but that doesn’t mean I’m done workin’! I’ve been busy cranking out a bunch of wedding brands, invites, and finishing up sites for full branding clients. I am blessed to have four full branding clients lined up for after Baby D arrives and the first one I will be working with is Virginia wedding photographer Heather Chipps. Heather and I had a super fun Skype brand coaching session where we discussed her ideal client and niche, pricing, gifts, visuals, and much much more! I love these sessions because I get to know my clients better and because I get to really understand the whys behind their business which makes creating visual brands so much easier.

I followed up with Heather to get her thoughts on her coaching session with me and here is what she said:

What did you love most about your brand coaching session?

Oh my! What part didn’t I love is more like it?! Katie was so full of such good and such useful information that I could take away that day. Not only does she seriously KNOW her stuff, but I LOVED that she literally was like diving into my brain and pulling stuff out that I didn’t even know was there that was everything I was thinking and wanted.


Ohhhhh yes! When Katie showed me my “ideal client” board I literally TEARED up!!! I was so blown away about how ACCURATE it was. I mean, honestly even BEYOND accurate. It was like she has been following me for years and years taking notes on my business and BOOM there it was, my ideal client and niche. When in reality, we’ve only been working together since I decided she was my “wedding dress” of all branding designers so to speak!
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SO much! It’s so hard to put into words, but mostly I’m so glad I finally have an established path I want to be on and I’ve never had that before. It’s always been a lot of taking side roads and figuring it out the long way, but now I feel like I’m finally walking on the right path to where I envision my business going.

Like I want my brand to be done NOW!!! Haha! But I know these things take time to craft and perfect, so I’ll be patient. But honestly, I got off the call with such a HUGE smile on my face and I still have that smile because I know without a doubt that Katie is going to be able to do exactly what I want even though I don’t even truly know what that is yet. I’m giving her the control which is VERY hard for someone like me (I’m a control freak) to do. I just left it feeling like…I could TRUST her, which is SO important to me.
Girrrrrrl thank you Heather! So looking forward to working with you.

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