Brand Coaching Follow Up with New York Wedding Planner Whimsy Weddings

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May 8, 2017

This past month I had a great time working on a new logo and branding for New York wedding planner Whimsy Weddings. I followed up with owners Erich and Tatiana to get their feedback on their brand coaching session after working with me. Each full branding client I work with gets a coaching session where we discuss their ideal client, industry niche, pricing, and much more. It also is a good way for me to get to know my clients and for them to feel confident in working with me.

Here is some feedback Eric and Tati gave me:


What did you love most about your brand coaching session?

I felt as though I had a friend who cared just as much about my business as I do. It felt so in depth and thorough, there were things I hadn’t even thought of that Katie did & they have already helped tremendously. To have fresh, professional eyes on your brand is a tremendous asset.



Did you feel like we established your ideal client and niche? Why is that important to you?

Absolutely. I felt stumped trying to verbalize who my ideal client was. I had an idea but couldn’t put it to paper. Katie brought it to life & I am still not sure how she managed to take exactly what was in my head and lay it all out for me. My ideal client is how I am going to grow my business & by not having it narrowed down I will never be able to establish the brand I want.


What were things you learned about yourself/business during the session?

I learned that it is okay to let other people in. We have always tried to do things ourselves because I am so protective of my business and what we have created. Having a pro look everything over was a real treat!



How did you feel after the brand coaching session?

I felt inspired & ready to make some change. I cannot wait to implement some of the things that Katie suggested for my brand & business.



Thanks Erich and Tatiana! I love helping small creative businesses behind the scenes to really establish all the basics of their business/brand before building any visuals and I’m so glad they found it useful.


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