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Welcome Magazine Template for Wedding Photographers

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April 14, 2017


Happy Friday! After months of hard work and collaboration I finally released my welcome magazine template for wedding photographers. So far it’s been a big hit! Since I’m not photographer I had three pros contribute all the text (and images!), Elizabeth Fogarty Photography, Bonnie Sen Photography, and Joy Michelle Photography. All the text within the 40 pages contains everything your brides and grooms need to know for their big day.

The table of contents includes:

Meet the Photographer

Engagement Session

What to Wear

Wedding Inspiration & Design 

Details Checklist

Wedding Day Details

Wedding Day Timeline

Suggested Vendors

The Wedding Planner


Getting Published

Social Media

There are two listings of the magazine:


A Few Tips on Customizing Yourself

  • You must have the Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign to customize yourself
  • You’ll receive a zipped folder with the InDesign file, a folder of image placeholders, and notes
  • You can easy change fonts by going to “Type => Find Font…” Choose the font you want to change and then select a new one beneath it and click “Change All.”
  • Just double click within a text box to edit any text
  • To swap images simply drag an image from your Finder into InDesign on top of the image you want to swap it with (this is true for Mac computers at least)
  • To resize an image (on a Mac) you need to hit “a” and then select the image. An orange bounding box should appear and you can hold the shift button down to scale the image and use the arrows to move it. If there is a blue bounding box that means you are editing the image container, not the image itself. The blue box changes the position of where the image will be and the size of it, but not the image itself.


These are designed using a MagCloud preset so you can easily upload your PDF and print! I made my own welcome magazines and they turned out awesome! See below:

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