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How to Plan for a Rebrand | What Time is Best?

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April 10, 2017

As a small creative business that primarily does full branding for creatives I have learned the ins and outs of when clients rebrand. Just like any other business I have slow times and busy times. While all my clients rebrand at different times of the year, there are definitely trends in timing I have learned. I wanted to share these trends because if you are planning to rebrand it might be good to know when everyone else in your industry is trying to rebrand so you can properly schedule and book the designer you want.

So, what time of year should I rebrand?

This answer highly depends on what it is you do. My niche is working with wedding photographers and wedding planners on full rebrands so I have similar clientele throughout the year with similar busy and slow seasons. This means they typically all want to book with me around the same time.

If you are a small creative business in the wedding industry you are most likely to want to rebrand after busy season in November/December or right before busy season after you’ve secured a lot of your retainers in April/May.

I’ve found those are my busiest times for getting inquiries so knowing that in advance might help you plan. I can’t speak for all designers as we all have different booking systems and schedules, but, for me, I work with one or two clients at a time over the course of four weeks. For that reason I typically book a few months in advance.

If you know what designer you want to work with I would first learn how long their process takes and two how far in advance they book. This will help you schedule.

The above being said don’t book with a designer just because you are available and trying to have your brand ready for your booking season. PLAN so you can work with the designer you want. Branding is not easy and very personal and you want to work with someone you feel both confident and comfortable with. I’m hoping by writing this post you can learn to schedule, schedule, schedule.

My slow booking season is January-March and June-September so if you are looking to book with me those are good times to contact me. Typically the winter is busy because in March and April I have tons of bookings that result in not being available until the fall. In fact, currently, as of April 10 I am booked until September. I had crickets for January/February and then back to back bookings. It’s nice that I know my industry and when people book because I don’t get anxious about crickets and lower my prices. I know it is the quiet before the storm so to speak.

Happy planning!


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