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October 5, 2016

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I work with a lot of small creative business on their brands and the term full branding is often tossed around in our community. But, what does is mean? It could mean one thing to one person and another thing to a different person. Every designer offers a different scope of work within their full branding packages.

Full branding, to me, at its most basic concept includes a logo with brand board, a website with blog, and basic stationery, but creating visuals for a brand is just on piece of a very big puzzle. Branding is not just one or any of those things. It’s also the feeling someone gets after meeting with you. It’s the impact you leave with someone after they’ve seen your home page. It’s the impression you made while they were reading an email from you.

For the reasons above my full branding experience for small creative businesses includes way more than a brand board, website, and basic stationery. As a business owner with a degree in marketing, I know how important branding is. I know how important defining your ideal client and niche are and that’s why I offer a brand coaching session for every client to define those two things among many other things.

The R&I Branding Experience includes:

  • Comprehensive questionnaire to help me get to know you and your business
  • Branding coaching session at my home studio (or via Skype) to define your target client and niche as well as crafting a mission statement, tagline, and executive bio; social media plan for leading up to your launch; discussion of pricing and packages
  • Welcome package gift idea design, welcome letter design, and meet me doc designed
  • Brand identity creation to include logo, alternate logo and/or monogram logo, color palette, typography, patterns, textures, and icons
  • Website with blog
  • Stationery suite design including business cards, note card and envelope, Facebook cover design
  • Email signature image
  • Social media kit with custom branding images for instagram leading up to launch and template for you to use in the future
  • Basic SEO set using page names, SEO page titles, and meta data with the Yoast plugin (for WordPress sites)
  • Three months of post-launch support 1-hour Skype session to teach how to update your site and blog
  • Video tutorial files


When choosing a full branding graphic designer, consider three things:

  • What is their background? Do they have a business background or just go to school for art?
  • Do they work with you to define your ideal client and niche? How can you build visuals without understanding who you are marketing to?
  • Do they provide everything you need to be consistent like a Facebook cover/pricing guide or is it simply a logo and website?


I hope this was helpful! Interested in full branding with Ribbon & Ink? Contact me (Katie) today!

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