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The Most Important Thing in Marketing Your Small Business

August 11, 2023

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marketing your small business / marketing for wedding businesses

If you run a small creative service business have you ever asked yourself “Who is my ideal client?” For many of you I’m sure the answer is yes, but let me take it a step further. What have you asked about them? Do you really know who they are? In marketing your small service business there are two groups of characteristics we use in marketing to when identifying clients: demographics and psychographics.

Most people focus on demographics which are things like how old are they, where do they live, what do they do for a living, etc. Those things are definitely important to know, but I’d argue most of the time

people never talk about psychographics which is the mindset of your people in their current position.

Where is your ideal client in their journey searching for your service? Do they know they need you and are actively searching or do they stumble across you in a Google search and are beginning to be educated on what you do? That question, as well as a multitude of others are, is super important because those two different groups need two different pieces of copy written to them.

You can’t market to everyone. You have to have a specific group of people that are typically in the same position and want the same things.

This is not always easy to know. This is why I created my marketing plans for small service businesses. My degree is actually in marketing and it’s fun to flex those muscles while doing brand and web design for creatives, but I wanted to separate it as its own service too.

In my marketing service I’ll:

  • get to know what your struggles are and what you want to focus on
  • then I’ll create a one-time “clean up” list of all the things I’ll do upfront like adding SEO page titles, changing your Instagram profile, etc.
  • then I’ll create a three-month action item list of things I will do for you for three months like blogging, newsletters, Instagram posting, etc.
  • each plan is totally customized for you depending on your needs
  • at the end you’ll get an action item list of things I recommend you do

Learn more about this service here.

marketing your small business / marketing for wedding businesses marketing your small business / marketing for wedding businesses marketing your small business / marketing for wedding businesses

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