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You are hustling for your business doing ALL the things, and are still not happy with where you're at.

Changing things over and over again is often a sign of a lack of clarity.

I know you are tired of trying to piece together a brand and website and working with so-so clients. It takes time to put together something amazing to attract your people and time is something you don't have as a busy business owner!

Cheers, Katie

You may be thinking...

Am I ever going to work with clients I love?

Will I ever have a brand and website I'm proud of?

Can I ever leave my full time job to pursue my dream?

Will people ever pay me what I value myself at?

Hi friend, I'm Katie
and I am so glad you are here on my corner of the web.

I love helping small businesses craft strategic brands they are PROUD of and websites with copy that actually WORKS at attracting your ideal people. I'm here to shout from the rooftops that your dream brand and website is possible!!!

things i'm good at

Creating strategic brands that speak to your people

Creating visuals that draw an audience in

Writing copy that makes connections

Getting people to inquire on your site

Crafting gorg Showit websites

I work with small business owners who have big dreams of making six-figures or leaving their full time jobs to pursue their passions and it is such a privilege to have a part in that because...

that used to be me. 

I know what it's like to be working two jobs and all of a sudden your second "hobby" job is taking over your life and you really want to make serious money doing it. You wish so badly to quit your full-time gig to do your side-hustle full time. I've been there!

I'm not just in the business of making pretty things, 
but changing lives.

real life

I've already booked 3 new wedding clients with my new brand and new pricing! It's been a whirlwind to wrap my head around 3 new clients after a re-brand, but it comes to show hard work really pays off! 

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ARE YOU READY book those dream clients? have a purposeful brand you don't want to change over and over? invest in yourself and your business for the long haul?

then let's chat!

a little about katie

Hi! I'm Katie: a mom of two, wife, and full-time entrepreneur. I have been crafting brands and websites for over seven years full-time now and truly love what I do. I help small creative businesses reach their dreams of working with their ideal clients. I always knew I wanted to own my own business so I could be in charge of my own schedule, be home with kids, and do something I love. I love helping others live this lifestyle too!

let's be friends!