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left-handed book nerd / wine connoisseur / mom of two / lover of murder, she wrote

When every inch of you says,
“That’s what I want to do with my one, precious life.”

I think you know the feeling...

Have you experienced that? When you feel undeniably drawn to something you see and think, “This thing was meant for me.”

I’d guess your answer is probably “yes” because that’s why you’re HERE. You got into this whole business thing fueled by pure passion.

And that was the case for me, too.

Did I mention I LOVE having a hand in every single inch of your brand? It’s exactly my calling, just like I thought it would be over 10 years ago.

I went to school for marketing and graphic design. I worked for awhile in motion graphics after college, but it wasn’t until I saw a business I admired crafting brands for people who were amazing and unique at what they do that I said, “OH. I want to do that.”

That was back in 2011, and from that moment I decided I was a brand designer.
And as you’ve probably experienced, too, it’s only AFTER you feel called and committed to something that you realize everything it takes to actually make it happen.

So I set out on my business journey to become a great designer, and I learned A TON MORE along the way.

Now I’m a Katie of Many Trades (not to be confused with a Jill of All of ‘Em)

CEO | Head Designer | Website Creator | Marketing Brain | Chief Copywriter | Biz Strategist

I'm Katie

I do pretty much everything here at Ribbon and Ink -
A brand design and implementation studio for creatives.

Ribbon and Ink is kind of a

Am I the only one who does this kinda thing? No way.
But I’ve been doing it for longer than most of the business owners you see showing up big in the online space these days.

A decade in the online business industry is rare.
But a decade serving the same subset of clients with the same services? It’s UNHEARD of.

Ah sugarpops, I’ll just say it.
In our world of pivoting and “following your intuition,” businesses and offers show up shiny, burn bright, and fizzle fast.

But, me? I found who I wanted to serve and how I wanted to serve them quickly, and I haven’t wavered.

Instead, I’ve focused for a little over a decade on getting to know exactly who I can help most with what I do best, and I’ve made it my mission to get better at that with every passing moment.

Even though I joke that I’m a Katie of Many Trades,
the truth is I’m an expert in one thing:

Helping business owners like you craft a brand that helps you get more out of every area of your business. (how to show up in every corner of your business to reach your dreams)

Not to toot my own horn but...


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“You’re not going to find anyone else with Katie’s background in marketing, art, business, and design coupled with her passion and talent for creating beautiful brands.”

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years as a Showit
Design Partner

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Let me paint you a picture of the important stuff:

  • Classic soccer mom
  • Lover of routine
  • Margarita die-hard (salt rim, please!)

What I'm All About

I’d wanna know, too.
Who’s this gal on the internet?

My husband, me, my 9-year-old son, and my 6-year-old daughter make up our sweet, active, tight-knit family.

My son plays soccer, and it really runs deep in our blood. My husband and I actually met on the soccer intramural field at Salisbury University where we both went to college. My daughter loves to hang out with a good book, and I love to join her!

When I got the itch to become a brand designer, I finally took the leap to full time just in time for my son to be born. So while I had this dream on my own, our growing family drove me to make it a serious business.

Now we get to live in Maryland in our forever-home which includes a pool, some land, and even chickens! It’s a dream that I didn’t even know I had, come true.

I’m kind of a juxtaposition of opposites in a lot of ways.
I love aesthetics and design, and I’m obsessed with business strategy.
I was born on the east coast, but I value southern hospitality.

We’ll drink margaritas by my pool while I tell my kids,
“Be kind like Jesus, and try your best!”

Oh, and I also eat pretty much the same thing at the same time every day — because when you find something that works, you stick with it.

I believe life and business are best when we make sure whoever’s in front of us                               

And that’s what I try to live out in each moment.

knows they matter.

ALL THOSE THINGS THAT GO INTO YOUR BRAND: branding, website, copy....

A brand that lives up to your unique value is about more than just a color palette or trendy logo.

That’s why here at Ribbon and Ink, we make sure all the pieces of your brand work together — the brand concept, design, feel, messaging, and presence across every platform. How do we make sure they all work together? Well, we just do them all for you.

That means you can feel confident knowing that the creation of your brand aligns with how you show up everywhere.

Ribbon and Ink’s got you covered

And, newsflash: most designers don’t do it all for you

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