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I believe you deserve a quality brand and website to match 

the quality of your work.

Changing things over and over again is often a sign of a lack of clarity.

Hi! I'm Katie Durski, owner of Ribbon & Ink, and I help small creative businesses create purposeful brands to visually attract their ideal clients. I love hearing the stories of each and every client, learning their goals, and helping to execute them with deliberately crafted brands and websites.

Cheers, Katie

let's get real...

In an ever-changing digital world, your social media, website, and online presence needs to make a statement so that you can be remembered. Don't let your Instagram be prettier than your website. A DIY website showcasing beautiful images isn't going to book you dream clients.

oh yes, i went there.

I get it...

Branding costs money. Changing things is all kinds of annoying. It takes time and energy and where your business is right now is...okay. But what if it could be more than okay? What if you could work with dream clients for more money and less time?

I believe anyone can be a successful entrepreneur.

There are three things I'm sure of when it comes to running a business:

Changing your pricing, offerings, brand, etc. over and over is a sign you need some help.


If you are constantly changing things about your business it's a sign that you need to do a lot of soul-searching and really figure out your core values and who your ideal client is. Without knowing these things you are just aimlessly creating without thinking things through thoroughly and it's good to get outside help. Needing help is OKAY.

Doing your homework upfront will save you time and money.


If you take the time when starting your business to really figure out your core values, what your goals and vision are, and who your are trying to market to you will save A LOT of money and A LOT of headache. Branding is not an easy or quick process, but once you know WHO are you trying to sell to things become a lot clearer.

Anything worth doing in life will require investing in something.


I have learned, in general, the things worth doing in life require sacrifice whether it's your time, money, or something else and whatever that sacrifice is is ALWAYS worth the outcome. I am a firm believer in to earn money you must spend money. It's just a fact.

real life

I've already booked 3 new wedding clients with my new brand and new pricing! It's been a whirlwind to wrap my head around 3 new clients after a re-brand, but it comes to show hard work really pays off! 

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Are you ready... book those dream clients? have a purposeful brand you don't want to change over and over? invest in yourself and your business for the long haul?

then let's chat!

Ribbon & Ink is a branding and website agency that helps you create a purposeful, tailored brand to attract your ideal clients. I know branding can seem overwhelming, but I support you every step of the way from really defining your ideal client to a polished Showit website. I am here to serve you.

What I Do

xo, Katie

a little about katie

Hi! I'm Katie: a mom of two, wife, and full-time entrepreneur. I have been crafting brands and websites for over seven years full-time now and truly love what I do. I help small creative businesses reach their dreams of working with their ideal clients. I always knew I wanted to own my own business so I could be in charge of my own schedule, be home with kids, and do something I love. I love helping others live this lifestyle too!

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