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The Lure of the Website Template and Why They Can Be Frusterating

July 28, 2023

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So you bought a Showit website template….and your site still isn’t up after months of purchasing it. It’s not for lack of you trying to customize it. It just seems like you can’t make it look as wonderful as it was when you first viewed the template and you can’t help but wonder why?! You end up hiring a designer to help you which was not in your original budget because the reason you bought your template was because it’s advertised as being easy (and it was so pretty!!!) Now you’re at the place where you’re okay with it, but can’t help but think you should have just hired someone to do a custom site after the time, effort, and money spent into the template route.


I 1000% KNOW WHERE YOU ARE AT! I hear this story over and over again. Showit is a WONDERFUL platform and I love everything about it from their support team (LOVE YOU TREVOR!) to the platform itself. That being said, customizing a template is often tricky because the photos MAKE the template in my opinion. It’s super hard sometimes to imagine what your images will look like in the template you purchase and then once you put them in with new colors it just falls flat. Don’t get me wrong…templates are a great alternative for people who are pretty tech savvy and don’t mind spending time learning the platform and adjusting the template to their needs, but for a lot of people it’s really hard to get their website to look like the template initially did in all its glory. It’s why I push my custom collection so hard!


The best way to showcase your work is in a custom site built around it, not the other way around.


I do have a template based collection (you can view my collections here), but I only use my templates that have been created with copy in mind. Not only that, the cost of getting it customized is included WITH copy. At the end of the day, however, I always try to sell my custom service because it truly is the best way to showcase your work and that is SO important in marketing to potential clients. Building a custom site for your people is so worth the investment.

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showit website template / showit designer / branding for creatives and wedding businesses / showit tips / showit tutorial

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