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paisley Dawson

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emerald city

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the olive

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madeline grace

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how it works

These one-of-a-kind Showit templates are built for small creative businesses, mainly photographers, event planners, and florists. Each will only be SOLD ONCE and either you customize yourself or customized by me with your information and colors. You must have Showit account to use these templates. Visit to sign up.



Purchase the website of your choice. There are two buy buttons on each product page, one to customize yourself and one for me to do it.



I will contact you via email and send you a questionnaire to collect your information and color palette. Ideally it's best if you have specific colors ready for me. If you are unable to give me any color codes then at least having an image with a color palette that I can eyedrop is ideal.  I will also invite you to Dropbox to give me all images for site. **Any font changes require an additional fee of $1500 and you must legally own webfont and be able to email to me.


live preview

After receiving your filled out questionnaire and images I will transfer my theme to your Showit account, input all your info into your site, and adjust color scheme if needed and send to you for approval. No design changes can be made, but one round of edits to setup is allowed (sizing, spacing, etc).



I must receive ALL information, colors, and images within two two weeks of purchase in order for me to start working right away. Once I receive all info you will receive a live preview within one week. If I do not receive ALL the above within two weeks of ordering the timeline will be pushed back to accommodate other projects.


publish & make live

Once your live preview is approved I will send you a link to a video file tutorial to download showing you how to update text, change images, etc. After I've given you the link I will connect your domain to your new site and hit publish. Bam! Your new will be live within three weeks of purchasing.

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