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Let's put those finishing touches on your Showit website

showit design clean up by a dedicated design partner

Have you got your Showit website like 75%-90% done but just can't do the rest on your own? Maybe you just can't figure mobile out or maybe designing your website is taking you way longer than expected.

If so...a Showit Design Clean Up Day is perfect for you.

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Your Clean Up Day can include:

  • Mobile site creation or clean up
  • Making sure all your links go where they are supposed to go
  • Tidying up fonts to make sure everything is consistent with size and color
  • SEO optimization that includes inserting keywords into your content and SEO page titles and descriptions
  • Creating a shop skeleton via Woocommerce with a shop landing page, single product, and category templates
  • Creating a style guide in Showit's design settings so all your colors and fonts are cohesive
  • Setting up individual galleries for your portfolios
  • Creating contact forms

Clean Up Days start at $500

If you’re thinking i'm making a lot of sense...I am here to serve you!

the process

How does this work?

Reach out

Fill out the contact form linked below. Upon doing so you'll be taken to an online scheduler where we can chat so I can learn more!


After your initial email I will send over a custom proposal based on your specific needs. 


On your dedicated design day in my calendar I will work on all the things on your list for me to do for you. Once I'm done I'll send a preview link.

let's work together!

round of edits

After you review your edits you can have one round of edits for me to tidy anything up that you want changed.

clean up days start at $500

I'm Katie

Director and Doer of pretty much all the things here at Ribbon and Ink. I’ve been a brand and website designer in the online industry since 2011. With that rare badge of honor of over a decade of experience, I can tell you for certain that big things change in business when every aspect of your presence speaks to the exact-right people.

And as a Mom of 2 who really loves a good margarita (with a super-salty rim), I’m a firm believer that life’s just too dang important and fun to keep coasting on your cobbled-together brand identity.


It's time to get your site FINISHED WELL!