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Let's blog and boost your SEO rank

3 month blog plan for creatives

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Blogging is your SEO BESTIE. You don't blog to get people to read. You blog to be found in Google. Blogging, when done right, boosts your rank in Google. It's that simple and I can prove it.  Check out the case study below.  I blogged six times a month for a North Carolina wedding photographer and her rank dramatically increased  in the course of our three months working together.

these results can be yours for 3 monthly payments of $375

Here's how it works:

  1. We will blog four times a month for you.
  2. At the end of each month you'll receive an SEO report listing the keywords people type to find you and how your rank changes.
  3. Every time you have a post ready you fill out a form with a brief descripiton of your topic and upload photos.
  4. We'll flesh out all the text in Wordpress and do all the SEO work that includes a custom Google layout with SEO page titles and descriptions, category links, and renaming your images to be SEO friendly.
  5. We'll also provide an Instagram and Pinterest graphic for each post using your branding.

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I'm Katie

Director and Doer of pretty much all the things here at Ribbon and Ink. I’ve been a brand and website designer in the online industry since 2011. With that rare badge of honor of over a decade of experience, I can tell you for certain that big things change in business when every aspect of your presence speaks to the exact-right people.

And as a Mom of 2 who really loves a good margarita (with a super-salty rim), I’m a firm believer that life’s just too dang important and fun to keep coasting on your cobbled-together brand identity.

Remember when I said, “Things start to get really good” when you do branding and business our way?

I’m talking this kinda good:
  • Getting your first-ever inquiry straight from Google
  • 4x as many inquiries in 30 days
  • SEO setup that boosts visibility
  • Increased confidence because people want to work with YOU

"She was extremely responsive and consistent in meeting expectations set. We saw tremendous growth in just a few short months - honestly much more than I expected! I would recommend Katie without hesitation."

glynnis christensen photography

Ribbon and Ink                     

gets results

"Her resources, tips and guidance on the business side of things, her writing copy for my site — it’s everything! She truly creates a brand experience, not just a site. And she helps you take your business to the next level!”

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Ready for your UPLEVEL?

These results can be yours, too.
If you want to actually be found in Google this is the right place for you. Click below to sign up for three months of blogging for $375 a month.


Try Out One Month of Blogging for $375

  • Submit 4 post ideas with pictures via Jotform
  • We'll flesh out and write text
  • SEO work includes a custom Google search appearance, renaming images, inserting internal links, and creating a Pin and Insta graphic

try it out for $375

" I went from being ranked in the 80s and 90s on Google to teens! We saw tremendous growth in just a few short months - honestly much more than I expected!" 

glynnis christensen photography