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How to Communicate Value for Your Service

December 13, 2021

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When it comes to your creative service business you are 100% responsible for educating potential clients on the value of what you provide. The value is different than the offering it itself. For example…my offering can include a brand and website, but the value of that service is a strategy focused site aimed to attract better clients at higher price points. THAT is valuable.

  1. The first thing you need to do to communicate value is establish what the value is. What do your clients REALLY want behind the scenes. If you can convey you can give whatever that is to them they will be much more likely to book you.
  2. Then you actually need to communicate this value to them and that’s something hard to do in an email response of PDF. The best way to communicate value is in a face to face conversation whether it’s in person or via Zoom. You can’t describe how you’ll make someone feel while using your service or assure them you are trustworthy in an email. This knowledge they will pick up in a face to face call.

With all of my custom branding clients I am sure to go over how to do these face to face sales calls. People will TRUST you more and, not only that, people often set a budget based on what they THINK is reasonable or what they can afford versus what a service is ACTUALLY worth. This all comes down to educating them about your service which indirectly explains why you cost what you cost.

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