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Ribbon & Ink is Rebranding…

October 23, 2020

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This is probably the most authentic post I will ever write so here it goes! The cat is outta the bag: I am rebranding. Not only am I rebranding, but I am working with a business coach. YES, you read that right. I was hesitant to share this because, after all, I am a business coach too, helping creative small businesses create brands and websites so why do I need help? Well friends, I am human too and you all know how hard it is to do stuff for your own business. I really wanted to invest in my own business to make it better for you guys.

The past year I have changed my prices and packages a few times and I started to see how I was becoming something a lot of my clients are when coming to me: indecisive and unsure of things. Obviously Covid has changed things for many of us, but even before then I saw myself losing a lack of clarity in who I was trying to target…and that’s normal! Over time our business changes and our ideal client can change too. That change will often drive you to make changes for your business and that’s where I am now.


I started asking myself something I had been sure of for so long: who is the ideal Ribbon & Ink client?


I started this coaching program in arms with other boss ladies like me to really find clarity for my business and so far it has been GREAT! Today I am attending a virtual retreat to hack some things out and you can expect the following changes to come for Ribbon & Ink:

  • new collections with different offerings
  • new prices
  • options for both newer and seasoned businesses
  • a new BRAND!
  • a new WEBSITE!
  • a new COLOR in my brand!
  • new headshots!
  • new ways to collect feedback from clients
  • new ways to distribute designs
  • help with content writing for your website (I am MOST excited about this! I have learned what things to include on your main pages that will coach people into hiring you!!! YES PLEASE!)
  • focus on targeting feminine small creative businesses


You can always count on me to be honest and have a passion for what I love.

After reading through some feedback from former clients I can across one who wrote this “I think if you had a few tweaks to your system your experience would be an unmatched experience” and that really resonated with me and drove this idea of improving my business model home!

So here is a sneak peek at my brand NEW monogram and color palette! I don’t have an official launch date yet, but I can say I will launch all the things in the next two months.


Until then follow my  journey on insta!

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