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3 Things To Do For Your Biz in the Offseason

October 24, 2019

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things to do for your business in the offseason / branding tips / rebrand / creative business / brand audit

Everyone has a slow season or an “offseason” if your business is seasonal like most of my custom full branding wedding business clients. Sometimes those times can be discouraging or boring even, but I wanted to share three things you can do for your business in the slower times to get you more business later.

  • Do an internal review – What do I mean? I mean take the time to analyze your business. What are you doing that’s amazing? What can you improve on? What do you need help with? Have you been working with ideal clients or so so ones? Asking yourself these tough questions can help you create a vision for things you need to do in the offseason. I offer brand audits for just that. As an outsider I will analyze your business, brand, and website and give you my take on what you are doing good at and areas you could improve. Sometimes getting the opinion of a non-biased outsider can go a LONG way. Get more info on my audits here.


  • Develop a social media plan – This can be daunting because there is a LOT involved in social media. I would specifically work on two things: blogging and Instagram. If you aren’t blogging, you need to be. Blogging can be a HUGE traffic driver to your site and if you time to spare create post after post! View my Blog Like a Boss SEO Course here. I’d also look at your Instagram feed and determine if you feel it’s consistent. If not download my free How to Brand Your Instagram Guide here to help you. Also spend time liking and commenting on posts of accounts you love to boost your views by being “social”.


  • Create a consistent brand – This could mean a lot of things. Maybe it just means making some new Pinterest and Instagram templates to have consistent social media graphics or maybe you need a major rebrand. The offseason is a great time to explore your options and create a meaningful, consistent brand. Visit my full branding experience here.

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