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Why A Premade Brand + Matching Website Could Be For You

August 15, 2018

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Happy Tuesday y’all! I’ve been a busy bee working on products for my branding shop and I’ve gotten nothing but raves about my new product line of premade brand + matching website sets. I LOVE THEM! While I love them, I wanted to write a blog post about what they are, who they’re for, and why.

So, what are premade brand + matching website sets?

I have started to create premade brands with matching Showit websites that are already designed and ready to be purchased by one person. Upon purchase I will send the buyer a questionnaire to collect all the information for the brand and pages of their website as well as the color palette they’d like to use. Once I receive all the information I will customize the brand board, stationery, social media items, and website with all the buyer’s information, photos, and colors. Each set is only sold one to ensure it’s unique to the buyer.

What kinds of businesses are premade brand + matching website sets for?

Good question! My sets are for small creative business, but I have been specifically creating them with my niche clients in mind: wedding photographers, florists, and planners. That’s what I know because those are the types of people I work with for custom full branding so I’m very familiar with the content that needs to be on those types of websites. That being said, any small creative business could probably find a way to customize the website and brand to their own needs.



Are they for brand new businesses, newer businesses, or well-established businesses?

The short and simple answer is they are for any of those, BUT, I personally think these are best for new or newer businesses. When you are just starting your business or are rather new, you need time to discover who you are as a business, who your ideal client is, and what industry niche you want to work in. That takes time and experience and you don’t want to waste money on a custom full branding experience knowing you may need to change everything in six months or a year after you’ve gained a better footing.

“These sets are perfect for new businesses as they provide a quality, professional brand and website for a third of what full branding costs. “

Wait until you’ve been in business a few years and know your ideal client and niche before you fully invest in a custom branding experience. Even though purchasing one of my premade brand + matching website sets is not a custom full branding experience, you still get to work one on one with me and receive a unique, one-of-a-kind, professional brand and website.

Convinced? Ready to browse my sets? Click here.

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