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I see sooo many posts on Facebook about needing tweaks to this and that on people's Showit sites. You may have gotten a good chunk or all of your site done, but you really need help finishing it so you can get it OFF YOUR PLATE, launched, and move on.

You bought a template, spent a lot of time customizing it, and now you need someone to swoop in and finish it.

let's do this thing

This service is FOR people who bought a template, customized it themselves, and need help finishing it.

This service is NOT FOR people who bought a template and want someone to customize it completely.

Here's a list of the Quick Fix services:


Mobile version editing so text isn’t overlapping, canvases big enough, etc

Proofreading links and making sure every link is clickable and goes where it’s supposed to

Tweaking blog layout to your needs 

Creating category page template for blog

Creating search page template for blog

Customizing single post template

Adding a pop up newsletter 

Creating custom Instagram profile menu 

Setting up an Instagram feed 

Color and font edits 

Changing galleries from one type to another 

Adding canvas video backgrounds 

Adding SEO page titles and descriptions 

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  to help!

What You Get

Final tweaks to your site

20 minute Zoom call

48 hour turnaround

2 launch images + reel

Fees start at $800

real life

I have been getting tons of inquiries and have three new bridal consults within the first week or so of the site launch. And that was with raising my prices! I am so thankful for all you did. You are so talented! 

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