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You bought a Showit template thinking you'd customize it and have your site ready to go in a week's actually harder than you thought. 

Does this sound familiar?

The Ready to Launch Showit website include customization in the cost so you can have a site tailored to your needs and ready within one week of delivering content.

Do you...

Feel tired trying to make a template work for you?

Need a website like yesterday?

Need a logo?

Is the answer above is YES ...
You are ready for a Ready to Launch website + brand combo!

here's how it works:


Choose your template

There are four ready-to-launch site templates on this page. You can choose any one of them to turn into a site for you! We will customize whichever site you choose with your info, colors, fonts, and images.



Choose your logo format

On this page you will see 4 logo formats with a monogram. We will change the fonts in the logo to be your brand fonts with your business name.



Choose your font combo

On this page you will see 18 different font combos to choose from to use on your site and for your logos.



Choose your color palette

There are 20 premade color palettes listed below. You'll be asked which one you want to use on initial questionnaire. You can also opt to give us hex codes for your own palette.



Fill questionnaire out

Fill out the questionnaire on this page to get started! Once we receive your questionnaire we will send a content questionnaire over to collect all the text and images for your site and schedule a day for a live preview.



20 minute call

Once we've created a live preview of your site using your colors, images, fonts, and text we will schedule a 20 minute phone call to review everything and make any necessary changes.



Add on bundle

For $800 add on a brand questionnaire, brand strategy one on one call, color choice help, ideal client mockup, and 1 month blog management.


In a technology driven world, having a website is central to your marketing.

xo, Katie

What You Get

Customized Showit template

Logo + monogram

Color palette of your choice

30 days post launch support

20 minute phone call

add-on bundle

Custom Logo & Monogram

Brand strategy call

Color palette

1 month blog mgmt

Ideal client mockup

You might be thinking, Katie, this sounds great, but will this work for me?

I've used templates before so I don't know how this will be different.

I don't really know what I want or am doing.

I don't know how to do all the transitioning of blogs, domains, etc.

I get it! Getting a new website can be overwhelming, but have no fear. My website templates are structured with purposeful sales pages to coach people into working with you. This is not just a dummy text template you customize yourself. The template itself gives guidance as to what type of content to write so you can feel confident in creating a site that converts.

My team will take care of all the blog transferring if need be and domain setup. It's so easy!

Get your business attracting ideal clients with a pro website

here are three steps you can expect

You will receive a welcome email and some questionnaires to collect your info.

We'll schedule a day for the project and a time for our 20 minute call after the live preview.

We will get to work customizing your site and getting your logo and monogram together!

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Choose your font combo:

Choose your color palette:

Add-On Bundle

add these extra steps to our process:

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Brand questionnaire

Brand strategy call

Color selection help

1 month blog mgmt

Ideal client mockup

Custom logo + monogram

real life

I have been getting tons of inquiries and have three new bridal consults within the first week or so of the site launch. And that was with raising my prices! I am so thankful for all you did. You are so talented! 

jessica leigh photography

frequently asked questions

do you offer payment plans?

Yes! You can make up to 4 payments split equally.

what templates can i choose?

You can choose 1 of the 4 templates as shown as this page.

what's your turnaround time?

We will schedule a project date where we will customize your site in a day and then schedule a 20 minute call to review.

do you help with website wording?

No and yes, I will collect all your text via a questionnaire that has guided text and collect images via Dropbox.

can i change colors and fonts?

Yes! In the questionnaire I will ask for your color palette, logo, and font selection you like and we'll discuss during our call.

do i get a logo?

Yes! We will put together a logo and monogram based on your selection.

Get your business on the
web professionally 

yes please, sign me up!

I believe you can do big things for your business and I am here to help you every step of the way.

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