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Everything, but the design.

marketing plans for small businesses

Maybe you have a brand and website you like or maybe you just can’t afford a rebrand, but either way you need help getting ideal clients to BOOK.

Together let’s figure out who your ideal audience is and how to connect with them without doing ANY design and doing all the “business things” behind the scenes.

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If you’re thinking YES PLEASE HELP ME, you might need…

  • General help identifying and marketing to ideal clients
  • Help on how to use SEO to attract clients 
  • Instagram profile fixin'
  • Someone to blog meaningful posts that get found in Google 
  • Social media templates for consistency
  • Packaging and website outlining

Here's some food for thought...

Even if you have the most gorg work ever....clients might not take you seriously if you don't look put together.

If you’re thinking i'm making a lot of sense...I am here to serve you!

What it takes to make a good marketing plan:

Knowing your audience.

You might think you know who your audience is,  but I'm guessing you haven't mastered their needs which is why you are reading this.

Getting to really know who your people are on the inside is challenging if you don't have the right tool kit.

We’ll work together to figure out what isn’t working for you in your business and who you are trying to target. With this info I will  execute the above marketing plan  over the course of three months. 

business strategy

  • In depth questionnaire
  • Strategy call
  • Mission statement
  • Ideal client profile
  • Instagram profile creation
  • Website structure outline
  • Package suggestions w/ pricing

seo + blogging

  • Setting up your SEO page titles and descriptions on your site
  • Two core hashtag lists for your Instagram comments
  • Three months of blogging 4x a month
  • Monthly SEO rank reports via Google Search Console telling you what keywords you rank for and any improvement

marketing plan

4 payments of $750

social media

Creation of Canva social media templates for you to use over and over making new graphics that include:
  • Email signature
  • Facebook cover
  • Instagram square
  • Instastory/Pinterest

video resources

Join my Teachable Business Course to learn my tips and tricks within a library of videos to watch with topics like:
  • Structuring your home, about, and sales pages
  • Content repurposing
  • Blogging using YOAST

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I'm Katie

Director and Doer of pretty much all the things here at Ribbon and Ink. I’ve been a brand and website designer in the online industry since 2011. With that rare badge of honor of over a decade of experience, I can tell you for certain that big things change in business when every aspect of your presence speaks to the exact-right people.

And as a Mom of 2 who really loves a good margarita (with a super-salty rim), I’m a firm believer that life’s just too dang important and fun to keep coasting on your cobbled-together brand identity.

the process

How does this work?

Whether this is the first time you’ve reached out to work with an expert, or you’re already a pro, everyone works differently. So here’s how we do it! (No surprises, here!)

step 01

Fill out the contact form linked below and I'll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if I think you're a good candidate for my marketing plan.

step 02

I'll send an initial questionnaire to learn about you and schedule our kickoff call.

step 03

After our kickoff call I'll put together all your business strategy items, implement SEO keywords into your website, and begin on your blogging.

let's work together!

Remember when I said, “Things start to get really good” when you do branding and business our way?

I’m talking this kinda good:
  • Getting your first-ever inquiry straight from Google
  • 4x as many inquiries in 30 days
  • SEO setup that boosts visibility
  • Increased confidence because people want to work with YOU

"She taught me how to market my business, how to figure out pricing, how to talk and engage with clients. The investment is completely worth it, I love what Katie has designed it has taken my business to the next level!"

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Ribbon and Ink                     

gets results

"Her resources, tips and guidance on the business side of things, her writing copy for my site — it’s everything! She truly creates a brand experience, not just a site. And she helps you take your business to the next level!”

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Ready for your UPLEVEL?

These results can be yours, too.
If you want to make more money by stepping into your potential and you know it’s time to take your business to the next level, I truly cannot wait to work together.