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You're ready to take your business to the next level with some education and products to help you grow! By all means..dive in!

I'm Katie, brand designer and business strategist. I work with small creative business owners to create tailored brands and websites with copy that attract their ideal audience. I am super passionate about transforming businesses from the inside out and that starts with understanding business strategy.

Business strategy starts with knowing who you are trying to target. From what fields you use on your inquiry form, to having sales calls, and what work to showcase, all of these things are important business strategy items. 

I have many resources below (including one on one mentoring!) for you to dive into. 

you may be starting a biz or have been in it a few years and you need some guidance from a seasoned pro.

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how to setup seo in showit

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how to define your ideal client

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how to set your prices in your creative biz

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