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Ready to wow your clients with awesome branded gift boxes?

Nothing is more exciting than receiving a gift when you don't expect it. It's why I LOVE spoiling my clients with them! Having a branded gift box to give to clients before or after working with them goes a long way with referrals and 5 star reviews. 

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client gift design

If you're thinking "Um yes Katie, this is great but sounds expensive."  

Don't worry. This isn't a buy in bulk, drop 5k at once kind of thing.

You pay a one-time fee of $500 for the design of the gift and then purchase five boxes up front. The cost of each box ranges from $120-200 depending on your budget and it includes shipping, assembly, and a hand written note. 

Your gift will go from us straight to your client's hands. All we need is an address from you!

You might be wondering:
  • Is this service only for Ribbon & Ink clients? NO! Definitely not. I'll work with any small business who needs custom branded gift boxes.
  • Can you work internationally? No, sorry. We can ship within the US.
  • What does a gift box design look like? See below!

real life

“Katie LITERALLY does everything. She is worth every penny, and I’m pretty sure I asked her at some point if I could pay her more! Her work is priceless.”

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the process

How does this work?

You may have worked with someone on gifts before or maybe you're brand new to it so here’s how we do it! (No surprises, here!)

step 01

Fill out the inquiry form below with your approximate budget (minimum of $120).

step 02

We'll create a design of all the items we intend to use in your gift box with a per box cost.

step 03

You send us the addresses for the gifts as you have them and we'll assemble and ship.

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Ready to WOW your clients?

Give them something unexpected and got more back with referrals.

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