Branding for New Businesses

get a unique brand for half the cost of my full branding

I  get  it...branding is expensive.

Branding is not cheap. I understand! That’s why I’ve created some alternatives to custom full branding that are perfect for newer businesses who need a pro look but aren’t able to afford full branding or aren’t ready for it.

If you answer yes to these questions then these alternatives are for you!

- Are you a new(er) business?

- Do you have a smaller budget for branding?

- Are you frusterated because you know in order to grow your business you need a professional look but can’t afford to spend $5k+?

- Are you not sure where to start with branding?

- Are you still trying to establish your style and ideal client?

If you answered yes to these then read on below for some great alternatives to custom full branding...

Here are some options for you...

premade brands

Get a professional, customized brand board with matching stationery suite and social media templates.

Est. Cost : $750

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premade brand +
Showit template

Get a premade brand and buy one of my regular Showit templates to customize yourself or have me do it.

Est. Cost : $1700

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one of a kind showit site + matching brand

*Most popular - Get a one of a kind Showit website template and add on a brand identity or $1500.

Est. Cost : $3000

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“I knew that in order to take my business to the next level I needed a professional website with matching brand, But... I was not ready to make the financial investment. 

- Stacy Bowen Floral Design

Don't let finances
get in the way

of your dream

what clients say

It was so easy to just go in and add my content. It took me MAYBE 4 hours total to choose and put all of my information in the site whereas when I tried to do it myself, it took countless hours over a course of a month. I love that the template is only sold once, so someone else won’t have the same as mine! It’s an affordable way to be one of a kind ;). It was like it was secretly made for me! 

varonnica lynn photography

I chose to purchase a premade brand versus a custom brand because I knew that in order to take my business to the next level I needed a professional website with matching brand. But having four children with one in college, I was not ready to make the financial investment. For the nominal cost, adding the premade brand that matches the beautiful showit website I purchased from Ribbon & Ink was a no brainer for me!  

stacy bowen floral design

I didn't quite have the money to do a custom brand, although that is what I would have preferred but doing the one of a kind site was a great option. I saw so many lovely sites through other designers but didn't like the fact that they sell them to other individuals as well. Your one of a kind site gave me the peace of mind that only I will have that site and no one else! :) 

erika sandoval events

You were extremely easy to work with and have given me a new brand for my business that I would have never been able to do on my own, even with all the time in the world. Adding a brand to the one of a kind site gave me a clearer vision of my business. It also has given me more confidence in my business and makes my business seem complete. I always felt like there were loose ends to my brand and business but now it feels cohesive.

laura eddy photography