ideal client & niche guide

by Ribbon & Ink

What's a niche? Or is it "Neech"? Help!?

You've probably heard the terms "ideal client" and "niche" thrown around, but may not be sure what they are or, if you do, why they are necessary to have for any small creative business.

Defining a client and niche is SO important in building your brand.

then this guide is for you!

are you tired of booking so-so clients?

- what a niche is and how you can discover the niches of your particular industry
- how to define what your specific niche is
- how to create attributes of your ideal client
- how to assemble an ideal client paragraph based on examples of ideal client paragraphs I’ve created for my clients
- how to create and ideal client mockups like the ones I make using a Photoshop template and video tutorial

By the end of this guide you should be able to have a better understanding of who you are trying to target and in what niche.

For $24 you'll learn:

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who is this for?

This guide is meant for newer businesses trying to learn who their ideal client is and what their industry niche is so they can book BETTER quality clients. 

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The PDF is SO helpful and I love how it is a step by step outline, because honestly I always have a hard time coming up with what exact things I should think about for my ideal client. And, just reading through it, you made it sound so fun to fill out and not a tedious task.

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what people are saying

I'm tired of so-so clients!

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