Tip: Choose a Designer with a Vision

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October 10, 2016

My full branding client said this to me during our brand coaching session the other day.


Let me start by saying she was joking…kind of. She was referring to my uncanny ability to take her brief description of her ideal client and vision for her brand and make a perfect mockup of an ideal client and mood board. She thought it was crazy how I nailed down her ideal client both in a verbal description and mockup.

Being able to understand my clients’ needs is very important to me. I pride myself in being able to create something out of nothing often. Many times my own full branding clients give me a super short description of their ideal client in their initial questionnaire to me, but after reading the questionnaire in its entirety I get it.

This leads me to my point: choose a designer that has an overall VISION for the WHOLE brand. 

From that very initial mood board and ideal client I create for each of my own clients I have a vision. I often have very specific ideas in my head for their logo and how their home page will look. I can think of key words and phrases to use as marketing tidbits throughout their brand. I have a vision.

See how these initial mood boards translate into the final brand board I created:

It’s so important to have vision. I love hearing small creative business stories of how they got to where they are and where they’d like to go. I’d love to help tell your story through your brand! Contact me, Katie, today!

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